Use Desk Flags to protect your Pomodoro

A bunch of the folks I am working with now have started to use the Pomodoro Technique.  This is really cool and a great way to boost productivity.

One of the challenges is people interrupting because they don’t know someone’s in a Pomodoro.  So, one compensation (not a solution, just a mitigating technique) is to use … Desk Flags.

  • Flag up =  “I’m concentrating – do not disturb.”
  • Flag down = “It’s cool to talk to me.”

Here you can see two people working, the closer person has a flag up.
One flag up, one flag down

The flags were ordered from and they sell this cool 360 degree “click-it” (red and white object in the photos below) that allows one to easily swivel the flags around.

This is how they are mounted.



As I mentioned before, this is a compensation for when people are working solo.  An even better compensation is pairing, but that another story…

Michael K Sahota guides and teaches leaders how to create high-performance organizations. He is the creator of a proven system for leading change through a practical playbook. His model for Consciously Approaching Agile guides the creation of a cultural and leadership context where Agile drives lasting organizational results. As a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator with the Scrum Alliance, Michael has taught hundreds of leaders on a worldwide basis.

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