Agile Learning Resources

This is a list of some resources that are useful for getting started or growing your understanding of Agile.

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Getting Started

Short articles for printing out and reading while you are on the train/subway.

Intro to Scrum/Agile

Other Stuff you need to know to get your project started

Next Steps

  • Check out some of the other resources below.
  • Start reading some of the books.
  • You have started a journey of learning – be patient and enjoy the trip.

Additional Learning Resources

Books to Read

Stage 1: Getting the basics in place

Deepening the practice


Technical Practices


Other good ones

Games & Simulations

  • XPGame – learn how Agile really works
  • Leadership Game – learn different leadership styles and how you relate to them
  • Bottleneck Game – learn how to improve your processes to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Business Value Game – learn strategies and challenges with prioritizing work (product backlog)

Michael is the number one trainer for the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) Program through the Scrum Alliance after teaching over half the graduates worldwide.

His classes are controversial and unique but that’s what allows his Agile students to flourish by showing them the missing pieces and common organizational challenges you can go back and implement immediately.

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