Shopping List for Sticky Notes and Markers

The purpose of this post is to provide a shopping list for collocated teams that use Agile to create a Kanban or Scrumboard. This acts as a boundary object to create context and bind a team.

(Mar. 2013 – Ooops. Looks like images are missing and links are broken due to updates to Staples catalog. Sorry.)

Standard Sticky Notes

Used for tasking and brainstorming.
Stock 1 per team
Great for retrospectives and brainstorming.
Stock 2 per team

Very useful for Kanban and brainstorming. Note: not super-sticky
Stock 1 per team

Post-it Recycled Notes in Pastel Colours. Grand and Toy Product code: 655-RP-A
Good for production Kanban. Not supersticky, but bright colours can be annoying.
Stock 1 per team

Needed for titles, theme headings
Stock 1 per team
Used to indicate status, theming
Stock 0.5 per team

Special Sticky Notes

Used to draw attention, value stream mapping.
Stock 0.5 per team
Used for team members to enforce WIP to one task per person.
Stock 0.5 per team
Sometimes you need a different sticky.
Stock 0.5 per team
Awesome titles, drawings
Stock 0.5 per team

Markers & Etc.

Black Sharpies (12/pack) – Staples Item#:11520 – Also available in 24 count from Costco
These are critical to keep in good supply to keep people running to look for markers.
Stock 1 box per team

Bic Fine Tip Assorted Marker (12/pack) – Staples Item#: 573126
You’ll need these for size estimates, theming story cards
Stock 1 box per team

Post-it Glue Stick – Staples Item#: 18842
Useful for sticking stuff to the wall. Critical for index/story cards
Stock 2 per team

Index Cards, 3″ x 5″, White, Ruled – Staples Item#: 570562
Really stupid, but you can’t order Post-it index cards in Canada, so we need these for story cards. Yes, you can use coloured stickies, but these are more substantial and allow theming with coloured markers.
Stock 1 per team

Easel Pads

Great for Scrum Boards, story maps, brainstorm
Stock 1 per team
Used for retrospectives, sprint burndown, …
Stock 1 per team

Other stuff

Painter’s Mate Green Painter’s Tape Contractor Pack – 6 pack @ Home Depot
Needed to demarcate swim lanes for scrum boards; phases in a story map; kanban columns
Stock 0.5 per team

Scotch-Blue Painter’s Tape for Multi Surfaces 25.4 mm x 45.7 m Contractor Pack (3 Rolls) @ Home Depot
Same as above but green. Choice is good.
Stock 0.5 per team

Work Samples

In the absence of high-quality magnetic whiteboards, I tend to use a lot of paper and stickies. So please see others for using whiteboards.  e.g. Visual Management Blog

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