Top 10 Agile Gotcha’s

It turns out that most teams have similar types of problems that prevent them from getting the full benefits from Agile. In this presentation, I review the top 10 Agile gotcha’s I have discovered as an Agile Coach and how you can recover from them.

This presentation was given at XPToronto User Group meeting and will be given at Agile Tour 2013.


Here are the topics:

  • We don’t know when our release will be done
  • Sprint planning meetings take forever
  • We stopped having retrospectives (or they are useless)
  • People aren’t working together (esp. dev, qa, product)
  • We keep getting new stories
  • Daily standups are long and/or boring
  • We never finish all our stories in a Sprint
  • We never have time for technical improvements
  • It feels like we are pushing rocks up hill to keep Agile going


One Minute Video Teaser for Agile Tour Toronto

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