Our Why..

High Performing Leaders

Create a Global Shift in Consciousness

And save the planet

Michael and Audree have a passion to change how we live in the world.

It is ambitious, yet simple.

When there is a shift in consciousness of the leader, this shifts the entire organization.

Imagine an organization filled with engaged, motivated, and productive people.

This positively impacts not only the workers and the quality of the products they deliver, but also the families and communities the people live in.

The ripple effect continues to the partners the company works with and the customers that use their products.

So organization by organization, the world will shift to a better place. It starts with leadership.

Agile was created as a way of doing project management. So Agile is energetically embedded in almost all major organizations in the world.


Everyone wants Agile to get results.


It points to a new Mindset. A new culture system. A more conscious way of being.


But it’s mostly focused on teams… not whole organization.

To really make the changes we need to shift consciousness.

We have heard for a while about “Doing Agile” vs “Being Agile”.

We have talked about the practises of Agile and the Agile Mindset.

Agile is understood to be a Cultural System.

We know that the high performance we seek comes from Being Agile.

 But how do we get there?

How Do We Reach High Performance?

It’s time to change the paradigm of how we live.


It’s time to start Living Agile.

Which is represented by how we show up each day. It is in how we work with people and organizations.

It is living Mahatma Gandhi’s truth: “Be the change that you want to see in the world”.

When we focus on our own behaviour we model Being Agile.

This is the only way to invite the Agile Mindset.

This is Wave 2 Agile…We become the effective leaders and influencers of lasting change in our organizations.

“To be or not to be? That is the question.”

Meet the Agilitrix Team on a mission to create conscious leaders
After 20 years in IT and 10 years as a thought leader in the Agile space, Agiltrix was founded out of desire for a better model of Living Agile. 


Michael Sahota

Michael Sahota, Thought Leader, Enterprise Coach, Author and Trainer, guides executive leaders to create high-performance organizations. He has a proven practical playbook for leading change. His model for Consciously Approaching Agile™ explores the creation of a cultural and leadership context where Agile creates lasting organizational results.

As a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, Michael teaches on a worldwide basis. His highly accoladed Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) Training reflects his growth and capability as a leader. He practices and models what he teaches to create transformative experiences.

Since 2001, Michael has been guiding success with Agile. Since 2010, he has held his Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) designation. In 2012, he published the ground-breaking book “An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organizational Culture”. Michael has two books that are to be published this year: Emotional Science and Agile Leadership. Michael studies consciousness and personal development in South East India.

Audree Tara

Audree Tara, Executive Coach, Trainer, Personal Growth and Transformation Expert, Energetic Healer and Author. Audree’s 20 year career in the Health and Wellness industry allowed her to dive deeply into the correlation between the workplace engagement, lifestyle and high performance. She is results driven with her clients and uses ancient and advanced modern techniques to provide lasting results.

Leadership is paramount to Audree’s vision…  “Leaders influence how the masses live, having leaders who lead, implementing structures from high states of consciousness, is what will change the world in which we live.” -Audree Tara

Audree uses her in depth training in human psychology, and disease and energy to laser coach her clients through the toughest, most subtle life long blocks and obstacles, and  has been in private practice since 1994.

She has over 10 years of formal training as an energetic healer, including meditation and yoga, with 4 years professional training as a traditional coach. In additions to various professional certifications in the health and wellness industry, she holds the CSM designation through the Scrum Alliance. In 2008 Audree developed a highly advanced practice to master energy, Evolutionary Energetics™ . While working as part of a medical team for 5 years, Audree has several scientifically documented cases of healing terminal illnesses through energetic practices.

“As it happens there is no real difference between energetically healing stage 4 cancer and clearing the blocks in organizational systems to get high performance.” – Michael Sahota, Culture & Leadership Expert

Audree has been a radio host, with her acclaimed “Grounding Meditations for the Shift in Consciousness”. As co-author of “The Authorities”, giving entrepreneurs tools to succeed by clearing personal blocks in performance.

In 2012 a significant life event lead Audree on a journey of deep personal growth, traveling  around the world, searching for answers to humanity’s suffering. During this time Audree began her studies in India and received high level initiations for shifting human consciousness, from beings in advanced states of consciousness. These initiations allow Audree to create a permanent neurobiological shift of consciousness with her clients, enabling very rapid changes in behaviours and perceptions.

Audree joined Michael Sahota and Agilitrix in early 2017, training executives and leaders worldwide. Their first co-authored book “Emotional Science” will be published this year and they are developing “The Academy of Leadership Mastery”, a professional training program, to begin in 2018.

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Lindsay R. Allison

Since 2009 Lindsay has developed and published a diverse range of books. She guides authors and writers of all ages and sizes, collaborating with them at various stages of the writing process to produce both self-published and traditionally published books. Included in her work are Bestselling novels.

The Awakened Press became a reality when she started to work with Agilitrix, by understanding and applying their systems. She credits Agilitrix for her accelerated growth and access to highly-attuned mindset strategies and personal awareness tools. She was called on to work with the team in its earlier stages, which helped make her freelancing business grow into the publishing company it is today.

The Awakened Press specializes in non-fiction titles: self-help, personal development, inspiration and motivation. Lindsay is extremely proud to work with the team to help with writing, editing and publishing their books. She is dedicated to helping ensure their vision and purpose is aligned with the message they transmit to the world.

“I am a living altar; I am a walking ceremony.” Living in gratitude and truth are the keys to unlocking a healthy and abundant life.

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