Agile Learning Resources

This is a list of some resources that are useful for getting started or growing your understanding of Agile.

Please also check out Kanban and Lean Resources to make your Agile implementation that much better.

Getting Started

Short articles for printing out and reading while you are on the train/subway.

Intro to Scrum/Agile

Other Stuff you need to know to get your project started

Next Steps

  • Check out some of the other resources below.
  • Start reading some of the books.
  • You have started a journey of learning – be patient and enjoy the trip.

Additional Learning Resources

Books to Read

Stage 1: Getting the basics in place

Deepening the practice

Technical Practices


Other good ones

More Technical Practices

Games & Simulations

Please see Learning through Agile Games.

Kanban & Lean

Please also check out Kanban and Lean Resources.

Additional Topics

Agile Contracts

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