Agile is a spectrum and offers many ways to get benefits. To fully unlock your organization’s potential, we take a holistic look that goes beyond Agile practices and mindset. We help you look at all the elements of your organization, that are linked and need to shift as a whole for a lasting, sustainable change. Our holistic Agile approach includes these elements: organizational structure, policies, leadership, behaviour, etc. We will work with you to build a shared understanding of where you are now and gain alignment on where to focus energy. In some cases this may start with very tactical work to get critical projects delivered or it may start with considering the organizations future and how to arrive there. Aligning teams and management, together we build a plan that enhances your team’s capabilities with training, project launch and coaching support. Please contact us here for a free needs analysis. Are you looking for reasons to introduce Agile to your organization? Then this might interest you: Agile has proven results- the Annual State of Agile Survey

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How We Can Help: Our Workshops

  1. Getting started with Agile: Planning, Training, Launch, Coaching
  2. Scrum Training – process, practice and beyond more »

Testimonials: How customers describe my work

“…I would strongly recommend Michael to help guide you when adopting Agile.” – Stephen O’Brien, IBI Groupmore »

Are you getting the benefits of Agile?

8 questions to check for yourself

Simply ask yourself- does your your approach to Agile include:

  1. Do you have clear visibility on what is happening on your projects?
  2. Are you satisfied with levels of productivity?
  3. Are you shipping quality software?
  4. Are risks handled mitigated early to avoid surprises?
  5. Are your people fully engaged?
  6. Is it easy to adapt delivery to changing business need?
  7. Is your organization evolving and adapting to business needs?
  8. Does your customers delight lead to stable growth through referrals?

If you answered ‘no’ to one ore more of these questions, then your organization will likely benefit from help with Agile. We can help. Curious how we can do this?  » Then let’s talk about it!