Can I Use Your Drawings? Yes!

I often get asked, can I use your drawings? diagrams? Presentations? Slides? Re-post your article for internal company use?

The answer is: YES!!!!

I am really happy to hear that you want to use my material to help people.

What you need to do

      1. Include a reference to either Agilitrix or Michael Sahota.  For example, you could use the logo at the top of this website/slide or just have text “Thanks, Michael Sahota”.
      2. Include the Creative commons logo or use the letters CC to denote creative commons.
      3. If it’s a web page, please link back to my site.


P.S. Here are the exact terms of the Creative Commons Licence. If you want to include my work in a commercial work (i.e. for sale), please ask for permission.

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