Executive Services



Effective Leadership requires optimization from the inside out.

For an organization to flourish, have lasting sustainability and to compete in a world of high performing organizations, it is critical that the executive team rises above the ordinary to extraordinary.

Agilitrix takes innovation to a higher level by stepping beyond the boundaries of business as usual. We combine the vision and state of the art agility with ancient techniques of personal development to create a unique executive leadership program based on mastery and excellence.


We not only help leaders develop an awareness and understanding of the new behaviours needed for lasting success…
We get you there.

Trained in India and with extraordinary teachers from around the world, initiated to shift consciousness, we combine these techniques with practical business applications


(These are custom created based on consultation and in collaboration with the C Suite Executive team)


Every organization has it’s own unique opportunities and challenges. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of what’s happening so that we can craft solutions that move your system towards sustaining high-performance. Our decades of organizational development and personal growth experience are delivered in a dynamic flexible way to get maximum results. Training, facilitation, consulting, and coaching are drawn upon as needed to deliver effectively.


We offer a condensed version of our highly acclaimed Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) training for executives. In an accelerated format, from 2 hours to a full day, we connect leaders to key understandings critical for high performance. We connect the dots on culture, leadership and organizational change so that leaders gain a deep clarity on how to move a system forward towards high performance. We offer this service for executive teams as well as extended leadership teams with multiple layers of management going through a shared experience to build alignment.


Our unique program gives leaders the shift in consciousness needed to sustain growth towards the highest levels of performance. This consists of four 3-day training/workshops over the course of a year. Participants journey together in a cohort to deepen connection alignment and learning. A monthly call maintains focus on key behaviours and is used to sustain attention on growth. The course contents draw upon elements of CAL1, CAL2 and The Leadership Academy by Michael and Audree Sahota.


The focus of this deliverable is to create a clear picture of what is happening with an Agile Initiative so that immediate adjustments can be made to drive success. Highly recommended  prior to starting an initiative to support a healthy launch or course-correcting for one that is already in progress.

The key activities are:

  • Clarify leadership team goals and alignment
  • Listen to the system – what is the current state and how can people be supported in growth
  • Tactics, Strategy and Culture are taken into consideration to co-create a plan for effective leadership and to accomplish goals


The leadership intensive is for key executives to catapult their consciousness and clear away the blocks preventing them from reaching the highest levels of performance. A team of experts in energetic work will support the rapid clearing of blocks in a 24 hour intensive experience. Although the level of effectiveness is in the realm of advanced technology and science fiction, the application is the result of over 20 years extensive experience in working with energy for healing and leadership development.


This 10 day experience will take you to the heart of India to experience deep transformation and growth as a leader. We start the journey in Rishikesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the Beatles came to seek self-realization and many spiritual teachers give Satsang (teachings), such as Mooji. Using ancient techniques we will take advantage of the special energetic properties of this location to cleanse your being.

Eastern traditions are re-interpreted through the lense of Western business performance and excellence in a classroom setting. The pinnacle of this journey will be to Southern India for a transformational experience at the Oneness Temple, built specifically to shift consciousness, it is the only temple built and dedicated to Humanity. This is will be a life altering trip, one that is for someone looking for the extraordinary.