In addition to general facilitation, we offer three special types of facilitation:

  • Understanding Customers using Innovation Games® for fast and actionable market research to build innovative products.
  • Creative Problem Solving and team development using StrategicPlay® with Lego® SERIOUS PLAY®.
  • Powerful meetings with Open Space to harness people’s knowledge and passion.

Innovation Games® for Understanding Customers

Innovation Games facilitation for Customer Understanding

Innovation Games® allow you to engage with customers to build innovative, breakthrough products. It sounds weird, but there is extensive scientific and applied research on how play can be used to consistently achieves outstanding business results.

Although Innovation Games® are used for market research and delivers better data than surveys or focus groups, it is also used effectively to engage with all stakeholders on a project to decide what to do. These games are used routinely by Agile teams to get better results.

The main focus of these games are to 1) Generate breakthrough ideas, 2) Understand current product usage, and 3) To understand priorities.  To learn more, the book “Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play” or the Innovation Games® website.

Innovation Games® facilitation can be used as part of a half or full day customer advisory board meeting. It is also available online to reach hundreds of customers or stakeholders in a distributed organization.

Lego® Strategic Play® for Innovative Problem Solving

Strategic Play® with Lego® facilitation for teamwork, problem-solving and visionStrategicPlay® with Lego® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitated experiential process that enhances innovation delivers stunning business results. It is based on research that shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities. StrategicPlay® deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the organization.

Typical uses are: working out solutions to complex problems, creating a shared understanding, unleashing creative thinking. Example applications include: strategy development, team/organizational development, product innovation.

Open Space for Engaging, Productive Meetings

Open Space Unconference facilitation for engagement, collaboration and problem solvingOpen Space is a powerful facilitation technology that allows medium to large groups to accomplish great results. Open Space in an excellent choice when there is diversity of opinion, real business issues, complexity and urgency. It has been used for 20 years and has scaled to hundreds of participants. Open Space is a great way to conduct a company offsite or strategic meeting in a way that involves everyone in topics that really matter to them. The mix of passion and choice leads to great results in and after the session.


Facilitation Testimonials

  • Energetic, Enlightening, Thought-provoking. I liked starting open-ended but then concluding with a concrete approach and solutions. There was open dialogue and barriers were removed.” – Kevin Firth, Solutions Manager
  • Well-facilitated,  Covered Lots of Ground, Consensus on Next Steps. I liked the varied approaches to achieve outcomes and time-boxed discussions to keep things on time.” – Scott Christilaw, Regional Manager, Ontario Government Land and Resources Cluster
  • Useful, Collaborative, Productive. The workshop flowed well and got us to where we need to be.” – Ted Volpe, Manager
  • Awesome, Excellent, Honest. I liked that we started with no agenda but resulted in a game plan. There was good time keeping and summary of discussions.” – Richard Lenkiewicz, Manager
  • “Dynamic, Professional, Responsive. Michael has a disciplined approach that produced results. There was lots of variety and he was adept at dealing with issues and ‘curve balls’ from participants.” – Al Barauskas, Senior Project Manger
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