“You can not solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it…”
We help leaders cultivate their organizational culture. To invite a more conscious way of being and relating. To evolve organizational structures and practices that foster new ways of working.

“Taking your organization to its fullest potential …High Performance Redefined”

We support this through: training, coaching, consulting, and facilitation. We increase awareness of the connection between actions and outcomes. We invite change. We walk the talk.

Since 2001 I have been fostering an Agile way of working. Since 2010, I have been helping organizations evolve their organizational culture to create places where Agile may flourish. As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

I help leaders bridge the world between Agile and organizational reality. 

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Here are our options for working together…

Certified Agile Leadership Training (CAL1)

Consciously Approaching Agile – how to create a High-Performance Organization using Agile. Experience Michael Sahota’s course that is getting rave reviews around the world. Learn to overcome the top organizational challenges with Agile:

  1. Organizational Culture at odds with Agile
  2. Resistance to Change
  3. Management Support Lacking (What do we do with our managers?)
  4. Agile Mindset Challenged

Certified Agile Leadership Training (CAL 2)

This is an intense 3 days of deep exploration into leadership, organizational growth and the connection of culture to high performance organizations. During this experience, participants will undergo a process of letting go of existing behaviours that block their abilities to be an effective leader; they will explore models of culture and receive a strategic/tactical playbook to guide the next steps on their journey of creating high performance organizations.

Course Outcome:

  • Certified Agile Leader 2 (CAL2) Designation from the Scrum Alliance
  • The Sahota CAL 2 Playbook for High Performance Organizations
  • Tactical/practical skills to create high performing organizations
  • Cultivate an organizational and cultural context where Agile may flourish
  • Personal growth practices for high performance
  • Development of leadership mindset needed to support growth
  • Advanced practical skill in “Agile” Organizational and Leadership approaches to decision making, change, engagement and high performance

Leadership Intensive Training

This is a higher level training for organizations who require a bigger team or a more direct initiative with training.
This is a full 2 day training with upper level management to handle the personal challenges that stop agile from effectively maximizing the potential of the organization.

This requires an application process, please contact directly to inquire