How my clients see me

Here are some things my clients say about me.


“Michael assisted our management team in ways that are quite profound. Through his coaching and workshops, Michael was able to quickly get to the heart of our struggles and opened our eyes to where we needed to focus. Michael is a true professional, understands people and is an expert at facilitation. I can honestly say that Michael has been one of the most effective influences of my entire professional career. I would highly recommend Michael for any organization who is looking for change in order to realize their potential as a high performing team.”
Sean McKaig, Senior Manager, Development, CBC

“Can’t say enough about Michael. He provided Agile/Scrum training to my teams which was well received. Where he really shines is with his facilitation skills, his ability to defuse situations and his insights into factors that can impact Agile adoption. For instance, I found his mini book on Agile adoption and organizational culture to be very insightful and instructive.” – Grady Bryant, VP Product Development, CoStarGroup

“Michael has been invaluable in helping our organization identify our weaknesses and develop a process to improve the way we work. His direct approach in dealing with issues and communicating ideas has helped move our team in a new and better direction. I would strongly recommend Michael to help guide you when adopting Agile.”
Stephen O’Brien, Director Development, IBI Group

“Michael is able to see the bigger picture and at the same time direct laser focus to seeing the root cause of a problem and helping to solution it. I also admire Michael’s ability to develop training and games to help everyone learn the key concepts needed to succeed in an agile world. I look forward to working with Michael again in the future!”
Sarah Klarich, Transition Lead, Rogers Communications


“I think that the training session will cause a fundamental shift in our company, which has been long overdue, and that it will ultimately result in a much healthier organization (or organism depending on how deeply you want to think about it). I believe that it will cause us all (leads) to make space for others so that there is room for each person to grow and flourish.” – John McTaggart, VP  Business Systems, Cetaris

“Inspiring, Humbling, Overdue. I found the following valuable: VAST (vulnerability, Authentic connection, safety, trust) model, communications, and focus. Excellent facilitator, fearless, makes it look easy, practices what he preaches.”
Mitch van Huuksloot, CIO, Cetaris

“We thought we were hiring Michael to teach our staff how to ‘do agile’ but he taught us so much more than that. He facilitated a series of organizational development workshops that helped us understand and build towards a cultural and organizational context where agility can thrive and be sustained. Michael is a master facilitator who applied expertise, experience, compassion and courage to navigate complex problems with us and put us on the path to transformation.”  –Soo Kim, Senior Director, Digital Operations, CBC

“I no longer wake up at 2am staring at the ceiling.”
A happy executive


“Awesome, Necessary, Feeling of Weight lifted off. Michael created a very safe and calming environment to bring out honesty and issues. In addition to new techniques for listening with compassion, we now have a shared vision as a leadership team.”, Larry McLennan, V.P. Professional Services, Cetaris

“Connections. Deep Listening. I now know my team members better – I learned so much even though we have worked together for 20 years. I am now able to talk about the hard issues that I tried to avoid in the past.” – Tony Chen, V.P. Software Development, Cetaris

“Alarmingly Methodical, Insightful, Profoundly Effective. Vulnerability is indeed a powerful agent for self-discovery and organizational transformation. We started our transformation with an intense but stunningly effective Temenos session for the management team that was crucial to building the trust and connection we needed to truly function as a team….” – Soo Kim, Senior Director, Digital Operations, CBC

“Thanks for your help. Today was the first good day I have had at work for the last 10 years.”
Anonymous, Software executive

“Michael is a powerful guide in the world of personal and career development. He has the ability to cut through the noise and help you get to the point of the situation, the issue, whatever it may be that is holding you or your team back. His authentic and transparent nature provide a comfortable environment for you to explore how you can be the best you can be. Michael is an extraordinary person who helps people transform the way they approach their lives.” – Tanja Harlingten, Sr. Manager, Rogers Telecommunications


Companies are made people and it all comes down to getting the best out of them to deliver the maximum value in the minimum amount of time. Michael has helped us and is still helping us to achieve this objective. Here are some of his key accomplishments at Rogers (amongst many)

  • Very rapidly understand the overall complex ecosystem of the company to identify clear pain points and intertwined deep root causes
  • Operate at the micro level to identify key individuals that are either change ambassadors or detractors and understand their motivations
  • Coaching and empowerment of key individuals so they take a step back on their current context, determine where to spend their energy and come up with impactful plans to succeed
  • Bring different teams that have tried but can’t work as One and create a trusted environment thanks to creative technics to trigger courageous and constructive discussions (even at the execs level) and rally them as one towards shared believes and objectives
  • Last but not least Michael understands the importance of managing and nurturing “human capital” and after over a year working with Rogers he became a mentor to multiple key execs as well as an illustration of our new 3.0 culture and values. Despite the fact that I have more than 16 years of experience in this field, I personally still spend one hour a week to benefit from his coaching and experience.
Camille Kiffer

VP Consumer - Digital Channels and Business Transformation, Rogers Communications

Scrum, Kanban & other Trainings


Kanban 101

“Engaging, Practical, Fundamental I liked the flow from concepts to games/practice; moved quickly; teamwork/collaborative learning.”
Alex Zeldin, Manager Planning and Business Solutions

“Interactive, Informative, Practical A very lively workshop – you could feel the experience the trainers have! Thanks a lot.”
Hedi Buchner, ScrumMaster and coach

“Engaging, Fun, Self-discovery. High energy personalities in delivery; not sitting all day and mixing the groups up”
Colin Bowern, Technology Coach and Solutions Architect


Product Owner Training

“Fun, Insightful, Will Recommend. I liked the new tools I learned.” – Tiffany
Minami, Business Analyst

“Active, Thoughtful, Interesting. I liked the topic and pace as well as Michael’s command of the topic.”
Kathy Johanson, Purchasing Operations Manger

“Prioritized, Dynamic, Engaging. Not focussing on powerpoint kept the team interested and engaged. I liked all movement and action activities.”
Ruth Ciamarra, Program Manager

“Agile, Collaborative, Iterative. I liked the thought provoking exercises.”
John Myers, Group Business Systems Manager


Agile Games Workshop

“Fun, Engaging, Educational I liked the split from play to how to facilitate; the mixture of games and game lengths; the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the group”
Sarah, Coach

“Engaging, Fun, Insightful I liked talking about different roles; it was laid back and fun; good energy and inspiring.
Nick Faulkner, Team Lead

“Fun, Insightful, Amazing We adjusted as we moved through the day and we took longer where there was value”
Alex Aitken, Consultant