Agile Training

Hands-on Learning

All of our training is hands-on since people learn best when they are fully engaged. Although we use PowerPoint to share concepts, where ever possible, learning is done in small groups with games, simulations and exercises.

Agile Training

  • Agile Kick Start gives a team the minimum they need to get started on Agile by covering key concepts followed by an Agile project simulation. It’s really just a taster course for those who want to dip their toes into Agile. (1 day)
  • Agile (Scrum) Core Training provides a broad coverage so that participants understand not only the practices and process of Scrum but also the mind-shift needed to get full benefits. Recommended for teams committed to adopting Scrum. (2-3 days)
  • User Stories workshop allows participant to learn about user stories and get hands on experience using them. This is critical for moving from heavy requirements documents to just-in-time requirements. Where possible, we will us real project stories. (1/2 day)
  • Agile Estimation & Planning workshop provides understanding and practice with Agile estimation techniques including Planning Poker. This session typically follows after the user story workshop so that teams understand the work ahead for planning. (1/2 day)
  • Advanced Simulations are designed to help teams get to that next level of competence and capability.  See Learning through Games. (variable lengths)

Lean & Kanban Training

  • Kanban Essentials gives participants the key principles to evolve their own process using Lean principles. This is a low-disruption approach to improving company processes. See  Kanban 101 for information and testimonials. (1 day)
  • Kanban Kickstart is Kanban 101 followed by immediately a workshop where you add Kanban to your existing process so that you hit the ground running.(2 days)
  • Lean 101 provides the basic lean concepts that can accelerate team problem solving skills. Topics include Value Stream Mapping, Waste, Root-Cause Analysis, A3 Problem Solving Technique (1 day)

Other Training

  • Agile Product Management (Product Owner) workshop is for Product Managers, Product Owners, and Managers to understand effective ways of engaging with their customers and stakeholders. Part of the training is described by Biggest Bang for the Buck: Strategies to Organize and Prioritize your Backlog. Depending on available time, we may also cover Innovation Games®. (2 days)
  • Technical Practices workshop is for developers to learn and practice the technical skills needed for sustainable development: Test-Driven-Development (TDD) and refactoring. (2 days)
  • Serious Games workshop is a chance for managers, Scrum Masters, and coaches to learn games and simulations to teach key concepts. See Serious Games for information and testimonials. (1 day)
  • Communication and Teamwork workshop takes a team from it’s current capability to a higher level using techniques from Improv, Theatre, and Lego® Strategic Play®. (1 day)

What People have to say about Training

Agile/Scrum Core Training

  • “Eye-opening, Interesting, High-Energy I liked the high energy and the interactive exercises.” – John Boguslawski, Associate, Software Development
  • “Insightful, Useful, Helpful I like how the instructor maximized allotted time and appreciated lots of team focused exercises.” – Jay Mendiola, Sr. Developer
  • Effective, Straight to the Point, Interactive I liked the exercises! Hands on, in my opinion, is the most effective method.” – Haitham Kaloub, Associate, Software Development
  • “Michael has this down to a science. You did a stand-up job. I like how you handle people. Excellent engagement of large class.”
  • “Great Session! Thank you! This was fun and informative for Agile foundation. The group exercises and collaborative points were very engaging in understanding Agile/Scrum Methodology.”
  • “I am a convert. The last 2 days were time well spent. Everything worked really well.”
  • “Good course, good visual aids. Very knowledgeable and energetic presenter. There was good audience participation! I was hoping to doze off a bit, but was compelled to participate and therefore learn more.”

Kanban Essentials Training

  • “Informative, Thought-provoking, Relevant Well-paced module; excellent delivery. Good use of games to illustrate ideas and concepts. – Andrea Simhon, Product Manger
  • “Fantastic! Right on the spot. I liked how we learned through easy to understand examples and games. Michael was able to motivate us. – Bob Daneshfar, Senior Software Developer
  • “Well-organized, Relevant, Stimulating I liked the fast pace – energetic – clear. Delivery was articulate with no repetition. – Stephen Gauer, Technical Writer

Product Owner Training

  • “Fun, Insightful, Will Recommend. I liked the new tools I learned.” – Tiffany Minami, Business Analyst
  • “Active, Thoughtful, Interesting. I liked the topic and pace as well as Michael’s command of the topic.” – Kathy Johanson, Purchasing Operations Manger
  • “Prioritized, Dynamic, Engaging. Not focussing on powerpoint kept the team interested and engaged. I liked all movement and action activities.” – Ruth Ciamarra, Program Manager
  • “Agile, Collaborative, Iterative. I liked the thought provoking exercises.” – John Myers, Group Business Systems Manager

Agile Games Workshop

  • Fun, Engaging, Educational I liked the split from play to how to facilitate; the mixture of games and game lengths; the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the group” – Sarah, Agile Coach
  • Engaging, Fun, Insightful I liked talking about different roles; it was laid back and fun; good energy and inspiring. – Nick Faulkner, Team Lead
  • Fun, Insightful, Amazing We adjusted as we moved through the day and we took longer where there was value” – Alex Aitken, Consultant

Test-Driven Development (TDD) Training

  • Informative, Practical, Timely I liked the hands-on exercises, the variety of topics and how the course included a lot of interaction. ” – Sean, Senior Technical Analyst
  • Fun, Practical, Informative I liked the practical part. We actually pair up and try to write a small program from Design to test to coding.” – Yanny Wan, Developer
  • “I like that there were a lot of interactions between instructors and students as well as the mix of discussions and exercises.” – Vladimir Finkelshtein, Senior Technical Analyst

Innovation Games® Training

  • Fun, Useful. I can now see the value of play/games and how to add customer insight value to organizations. I liked that it was simple and straightforward – we didn’t dwell on abstract concepts for too long (only enough to give us context). – John Hillis, V.P. Product Management
  • Thought-provoking, Effective, Useful. I gained valuable insights on how to use these tools to get results. I liked that the delivery was flexible but covered all aspects with enough hands-on to understand.” – Nancy Mayer, Project Management Consultant
  • “I got a clear understanding of Innovation Games – what they are, how to use them and where they fit. I gained knowledge of different approaches to feature/product creation/prioritization as well as valuable feedback on my approaches and behaviours. – Bill Schaller, Consultant

Communication and Teamwork Training

  • Thought-provoking, humbling, fun. Empathy is king – this can be learned and there is lot’s of great information out there. It was interactive and we used the techniques that covered a wide range.” – Trevor Bruce, Project Engineer
  • Innovative, Inspiring, Paradigm-shifting. High performance teams have an immense power for producing faster/better results than typical company structure. I liked the open discussion and pointing out people’s nuances on the spot.” – Lisa Maruska, Analyst
  • Interactive, Fun, Very Informative. You must treat yourself with kindness and allow yourself to vulnerable, that is when all changes will start to happen. It was very comfortable to participate: we were in charge of our own schedule/agenda. We were all a team for a day.” – Monica Rivera, Engineer
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