Agile Coaching and Training

All of our training is hands-on. People learn best when they do. Most learning is done in small groups with games, simulations and exercises. Enjoy browsing the topics and get a first impression of what we do in each training.
If you have any question, just contact us here. We gladly assist with further information.


Agile Training

  • Scrum Training provides participants with practices and process of Scrum. Also included is connection with Agile and how to make it work in organizations. (2 days)
  • Kanban Training gives participants the key principles to evolve their own process using Lean principles. This is a low-disruption approach to improving company processes. (2 days)
  • Product Owner training is for Product Managers, Product Owners, and Managers to understand how to effectively manage a backlog. We will also explore creating purpose and engaging with their customers and stakeholders. (2 days)

Organizational & Leadership Training

  • Effective Teamworks & Communication training helps develops key skills needed to function on a team. Topics include: Improv, Psychology, and Core Protocols. (1 day)
  • Leadership Skills training directly focuses on increasing staff engagement through: collaboration, empathy and working on context. You also explore leadership models and stance. (2 days)
  • Temenos Leadership Retreat creates a foundation of respect and trust needed for management teams to function at a high level of performance. It deepens bonds and creates a compelling shared vision. (2 days)
  • Organizational Design training helps leaders understand how they can design their organizational structure for unleashing staff engagement and innovation. (1 day)
  • Harnessing the Power of Culture training provides models and practical tools for understanding and working with organizational culture to foster engagement and innovation. (2 days)

Other Training

  • Innovation Games® training is about how to facilitate engaging workshops to understand customers, stakeholders and staff. Essential for working amplifying collaboration in an Agile environment. (2 days)
  • Technical Practices training is for developers to learn and practice the technical skills needed for sustainable development: Test-Driven-Development (TDD) and refactoring. (2 days)
  • Lean 101 provides the basic lean concepts that can accelerate team problem solving skills. Topics include Value Stream Mapping, Waste, Root-Cause Analysis, and A3 Problem Solving Technique (1 day)

What People have to say about Training

Agile/Scrum Core Training

  • “Eye-opening, Interesting, High-Energy I liked the high energy and the interactive exercises.” – John Boguslawski, Associate, Software Development
  • “Insightful, Useful, Helpful I like how the instructor maximized allotted time and appreciated lots of team focused exercises.” – Jay Mendiola, Sr. Developer
  • Effective, Straight to the Point, Interactive I liked the exercises! Hands on, in my opinion, is the most effective method.” – Haitham Kaloub, Associate, Software Development
  • “Michael has this down to a science. You did a stand-up job. I like how you handle people. Excellent engagement of large class.”
  • “Great Session! Thank you! This was fun and informative for Agile foundation. The group exercises and collaborative points were very engaging in understanding Agile/Scrum Methodology.”
  • “I am a convert. The last 2 days were time well spent. Everything worked really well.”
  • “Good course, good visual aids. Very knowledgeable and energetic presenter. There was good audience participation! I was hoping to doze off a bit, but was compelled to participate and therefore learn more.”

Agile/Kanban Training

  • “Informative, Thought-provoking, Relevant Well-paced module; excellent delivery. Good use of games to illustrate ideas and concepts. – Andrea Simhon, Product Manger
  • “Fantastic! Right on the spot. I liked how we learned through easy to understand examples and games. Michael was able to motivate us. – Bob Daneshfar, Senior Software Developer
  • “Well-organized, Relevant, Stimulating I liked the fast pace – energetic – clear. Delivery was articulate with no repetition. – Stephen Gauer, Technical Writer

Product Owner Training

  • “Fun, Insightful, Will Recommend. I liked the new tools I learned.” – Tiffany Minami, Business Analyst
  • “Active, Thoughtful, Interesting. I liked the topic and pace as well as Michael’s command of the topic.” – Kathy Johanson, Purchasing Operations Manger
  • “Prioritized, Dynamic, Engaging. Not focussing on powerpoint kept the team interested and engaged. I liked all movement and action activities.” – Ruth Ciamarra, Program Manager
  • “Agile, Collaborative, Iterative. I liked the thought provoking exercises.” – John Myers, Group Business Systems Manager

Test-Driven Development (TDD) Training

  • Informative, Practical, Timely I liked the hands-on exercises, the variety of topics and how the course included a lot of interaction. ” – Sean, Senior Technical Analyst
  • Fun, Practical, Informative I liked the practical part. We actually pair up and try to write a small program from Design to test to coding.” – Yanny Wan, Developer
  • “I like that there were a lot of interactions between instructors and students as well as the mix of discussions and exercises.” – Vladimir Finkelshtein, Senior Technical Analyst

Innovation Games® Training

  • Fun, Useful. I can now see the value of play/games and how to add customer insight value to organizations. I liked that it was simple and straightforward – we didn’t dwell on abstract concepts for too long (only enough to give us context). – John Hillis, V.P. Product Management
  • Thought-provoking, Effective, Useful. I gained valuable insights on how to use these tools to get results. I liked that the delivery was flexible but covered all aspects with enough hands-on to understand.” – Nancy Mayer, Project Management Consultant
  • “I got a clear understanding of Innovation Games – what they are, how to use them and where they fit. I gained knowledge of different approaches to feature/product creation/prioritization as well as valuable feedback on my approaches and behaviours. – Bill Schaller, Consultant

Communication and Teamwork Training

  • Thought-provoking, humbling, fun. Empathy is king – this can be learned and there is lot’s of great information out there. It was interactive and we used the techniques that covered a wide range.” – Trevor Bruce, Project Engineer
  • Innovative, Inspiring, Paradigm-shifting. High performance teams have an immense power for producing faster/better results than typical company structure. I liked the open discussion and pointing out people’s nuances on the spot.” – Lisa Maruska, Analyst
  • Interactive, Fun, Very Informative. You must treat yourself with kindness and allow yourself to vulnerable, that is when all changes will start to happen. It was very comfortable to participate: we were in charge of our own schedule/agenda. We were all a team for a day.” – Monica Rivera, Engineer
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