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Management & Leadership for Agile Organizations

A 2-days training to inspect & adapt your Management & Leadership settings for an Agile organization. Successful Agile initiatives require that middle managers and executives are clear on their roles and have the skills needed to perform them. You will learn to use culture as a lens to understand your role as a leader and how to interact effectively with staff and teams. (2 days)

Re-inventing Organizations Through Culture

In this 2-days organizational culture training you learn about the specific models and tools you need to enact actionable, lasting change in your organization. Leadership, organizational models and people- they, and you, are part of your organizational culture. Regardless of your role or title, you can introduce improvements!

Temenos – a Workshop for Trust, Connection and Alignment

We offer the 2-days Temenos Workshop to help leadership teams rapidly develop high levels of trust, connection and alignment. Learn the skills to create safety and trust for those around you. The final and energizing result is a compelling shared organizational vision to create deep alignment. (2 days)

Coaching the Leadership System- navigating through your challenges

In coaching the leadership system, we work first and foremost with you – the leadership team- directly as you navigate the challenges leading and developing your organization. We support you with Trainings on Culture, Leadership and Collaboration so you can work with your organization to co-create a vision, build coherence, alignment, and engagement.

We are there to help you creating space and opportunities for people. So they can shine and become the leaders you are looking for. Of course, we also offer to facillitate cross-organizational workshops for all groups related to this process. More importantly, we are there for each individual involved, to help them on their own personal journey of growth.

A unique organization needs a unique approach – contact me and we will figure out your individual coaching questions and needs.

Learn more about the modules we involve in this process:

Dive deeper in some Elements of our Workshops and Trainings:

Effective Teamworks & Communication- key skills and understandings

Our 1-day basic training helps you to foster and refine key skills and understandings needed to work successfully in teams. Topics include: Improv, Psychology and Core Protocols. (1 day)

Scrum Training – process, practice and beyond

Our 2-day Scrum Training provides participants with practices and introduces the process of Scrum. Included in this training is a module about the connection between Agile and Scrum and the key elements that make them work in organizations. (2 days)

Product Owner – manage your backlog effectively and create purpose

This 2-days training is for Product Managers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters to understand how to effectively manage a backlog. We will also explore engaging with your customers and stakeholders to maximize your teams efforts. (2 days)

Kanban Training – introducing a smooth & smart change for your process

Our 2-days Kanban Training is a very popular starting point for using Agile without disrupting your existing process. You will learn how to evolve your own process using Lean principles such a limiting work-in-progress, visual management, etc. (2 days) – See more at: http://michaelsahota.wpengine.com/services/#sthash.8vSYjRkV.dpuf

Innovation Games® – Engaging Facilitation to get Great Results

This 2-days training is about how to facilitate engaging workshops to understand customers, stakeholders and staff. Innovation Games and the emerging insights are essential for working amplifying collaboration in an Agile environment. (2 days)

Lean Essentials ‐ a day to accelerate team problem solving skills

A one day training provides the basic lean concepts, that can accelerate team problem solving skills. Topics include Value Stream Mapping, Waste, Root-Cause Analysis, and A3 Problem Solving Technique. (1 day)

Lean Startup for Product Development

In this 1-day workshop you learn how to integrate aspects of Lean Startup into your existing product development process. With the Lean Startup method you can quickly formulate, test and validate your hypotheses to increase the odds. We also introduce Innovation Games® to understand, what customers really want. (1 day)