Michael Sahota - Catalyst & Certified Scrum CoachHi, I am Michael.

I am a Catalyst – I help people get results that last.

My mission is helping organizations enjoy the success that comes from happy, engaged, and purposeful people.

I work with leadership teams to grow a culture that delivers on organizational goals such as productivity, customer delight and innovation.

Often this involves Agile or Lean to align process with culture.

Organizational Culture

Culture is the foundation for organizational performance.Are you looking for engaged staff, delighted customers and innovation?

Then your culture might be the topic you want to work on. Organizational Culture has a massive impact and is the foundation for results in your organization. We work with you to evolve your culture to drive business results.


We help leadership teams rapidly develop high levels of trust, connection and alignment so they can unleash the potential of their organization.
Transformational Leadership

Agile Training & Coaching

Get expert help with Agile to avoid wasting time and money. We get you up the learning curve fast with engaging training and keep you on track with on-the-job coaching.

Agile Coaching and Training


We offer expert facilitation services to help you get results that stick.

Effective Group Facilitation

For more details, please see facilitation.

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