“If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” – Edgar Schein

Company culture is the foundation for results in each organization. Your individual company culture reflects your organization’s identity, its vision and values. Foster and improve your culture -and engaged staff, delighted customers and continuous Innovation are amongst the many outcomes. Is everybody in your organization aware of this, its potential and effects? How we do things, how we treat each other and what we want to achieve- those are all part of our culture. Becoming aware of, and working on your organizational culture, opens up new opportunities. Manage your Company culture to evolve and become the organization you and your people want to be! Together we build a shared understanding of where your culture is now and how it is supporting your organization’s objectives. We work with you to identify how you can tune your culture- how to truly live the values and vision, to create a resilient organization. Curious? We can do a Culture Pulse to let you know what’s happening in your organization.

How We Can Help: Our Workshops

  1. Re-inventing Organizations Through Culture
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Testimonials: How customers describe my work

“I no longer wake up at 2am staring at the ceiling.” – A happy executive.more »

Is your culture working for you?

8 questions to check for yourself

Simply ask yourself these questions to see, how your culture is working for you:

  1. Do your results match your organization’s talent potential?
  2. Are there high levels of trust in all directions?
  3. Are people aligned and working well together?
  4. Do people live the values of the organization in everything they do?
  5. Are people engaged, productive and happy?
  6. Is staff turnover low?
  7. Is your product or organization thriving in the face of competition?
  8. Is your organization resilient to the current business context?

Unless you answered “yes” to all of these, investments in fostering a healthy organizational culture will yield significant benefits. Curious how to do this? » Then let’s talk about it!